[PAID] Deep Link

Released on : 30 Jun 2022

Last Updated on : 30 Jun 2022

Latest Version : 1.0.0

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This event is raised when your deep link activity is already opened and another deep link is browsed.


Returns true if the screen is opened by a deep link.


Returns the URL of deep link that opened the screen.


Register the screen that you want to open when the deep link is browsed, you can pass the custom start value.

How to Use
Generate Extension for your URL

For using the extension you must generate it for your custom URL.
You can buy and generate this extension from AI2 Store.

In the below example, I am generating the extension for this URL : https://www.sumitkmr.com/projects/search/

The users who will browse this URL will be redirected to my app.
Here the domain name is : sumitkmr.com and the path prefix is : /project/search.

Now generate it with AI2 Store app.


After generation your custom extension will be downloaded, now import it to your project and use it.

For latest android devices:

To make deep link work in devices > android 11, now you need to add an assetlinks.json file in your website file manager with your SHA-256 fingerprint. If you did not add it then your deep link would not work in devices after android 11.

Here you can generate your assetlinks.json

Statement List Generator and Tester | Google Digital Asset Links | Google Developers

If you are publishing your app to play store then you can find your json here in play console website:

Your App → Deep Link

In case if you don’t have play console then you have to generate it manually and add it to your hosting.

You can find your SHA-256 by following this guide.

After generating digital assets link json, you have to upload to your hosting.

Path to upload: https://domain.name/.well-known/assetlinks.json.

Implementing in Application
Demo Video
Demo APK

Download APK : DeepLinkDemo.apk (5.3 MB)

You can check the APK before purchasing the extension.

Extension Size: 16KB


UPI :- ₹500

PayPal :- $8

You can buy this extension from AI2 Store.